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2 Day Course

Concealed Carry Course

DATE:         AUGUST 18-19 (Friday, Saturday), 2023



             2446 RULON WHITE BLVD.

             OGDEN, UT, 84404


COST:        $525.00


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  True concealed carry is its own realm in the defensive firearm training world, and those who feel strongly about protecting themselves, family, friends, and our society need to recognize this and train specifically for it.  Effective concealed carry training can be hard to find as very few trainers truly understand the concealed carry environment or how to prepare others for it.  This is Jeff’s realm, he’s the best at it.  


As a result of attending this course, the student will gain significant understanding of the complexities of overt, covert, and clandestine carry.  Included will be instruction on points of carry, types of carry, related gear and its effects on carry, various levels and layers of clothing and their effect on effective responses to threats requiring the use of the firearm, securing and protecting the firearm while carrying or engaging in physical conflict, and other factors critical to understanding concealed carry.  Jeff is a master trainer who backs up his training with reality-based research and presents that research as a part of the class.  Jeff’s book, Concealed Carry Manual: An In-Depth Study in the Discreet Carry of Firearms, is among the finest of sources on the subject, and the book frames the training that will be presented.  As is true in all of Jeff’s courses, there is a great deal of shooting involved in order to master the fundamentals of effectively and accurately engaging threats from a concealed carry.


The class is restricted to those with high levels of experience and skill in defensive firearms.  Warrior Creed members must have graduated from at least the  Warrior Creed Defensive Pistol – Intermediate Course.  Non-Warrior Creed students must receive a waiver from Warrior Creed to attend by sending a training resume to and requesting the waiver.  Participants will be registered in the order received.


The link to register is below, payment must be by credit card at the time of registration.  Refund policies apply as stated on the link.  Registered attendees will receive further information on course requirements, ammo, equipment, and clothing.

US Navy SEAL (ret.)

US Navy SEAL (ret.) Jeff L. Gonzales is a nationally recognized firearms and tactics instructor. He has been at the helm of Trident Concepts, LLC, as the founder and CEO for over 20 years. Jeff’s background comes from Naval Special Warfare, where he served as a decorated and respected operator and instructor. Participating in numerous combat operations throughout the globe, his duties involved a wide variety of operational and instructional assignments on both the East and West coasts. Through Trident Concepts, Jeff pioneered new advances in firearms and tactics instruction. His unique understanding of adult learning, detailed curriculum development and rigorous adherence to performance standards continue to set him apart from an increasingly crowded field. In recent years, Jeff has increased his focus on concealed carry. Leveraging his experience operating in non-permissive environments all over the world, he has unique knowledge to share with members of law enforcement, the military and responsible armed citizens. Staying true to his NSW root’s he brings the same high intensity training, combat mindset, operational success and lessons learned to the audience at large. Passionate and dynamic, Jeff Gonzales is highly sought after not only as an instructor, but as a public speaker on a wide variety of topics including leadership, teamwork, firearms and self-defense to name a few.

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