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Meet Our Instructors


Warrior Creed CEO, Instructor & USCCA Instructor

Colonel/Chief Steven Randall Watt

Randy is the owner and CEO of SRW, Inc., Warrior Creed, and is a co-owner and founder of the Power of Awareness Institute, LLC.


Randy is a retired Chief of Police of the Ogden Police Department, Ogden, Utah, with 36 years of service, the last 4 as Chief.  During his time with the Department, he spent 13 years in SWAT and 12 years as an Instructor and Supervisor of the Firearms Training Unit.  An active and competitive martial artist, he also instructed in, and then supervised, the Arrest Control and Defensive Training program for the Department. Combining these skill sets, he developed the Officer Survival training program for the Department, which emphasized physical/mental fitness, effective decision making under stress, personal and firearm fighting skills, and personal resilience, to improve officer use of force.  Randy was involved in several shooting incidents and twice received the Department’s Medal of Valor for deadly force incidents.


Randy is also a 34-year combat veteran of the Utah Army National Guard’s 19th Special Forces Group.  Enlisting as a private, Randy continued on and retired as a Colonel, and Commander of the Group.  A highly decorated combat veteran with multiple combat tours of Afghanistan and Iraq, Randy is highly experienced in the physical, mental, and skill-based requirements of combat. As a Special Forces (Green Beret) soldier, Randy participated and led numerous training and combat missions utilizing indigenous forces trained to a high capability of combat skills by Randy and his teams.  An Advanced Urban Combat Instructor, Randy honed the skills of his units and significantly increased their combat capability and survivability. A Military Free Fall parachutist and static-line Jumpmaster, Randy is highly educated in developing the mental and physical capability for continuous high-risk activities.  Randy’s combat awards include the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, the Bronze Star Medal with “V” Device, 3 Bronze Star Medals, multiple Iraq and Afghanistan Campaign Medals and the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary and Service Medals.


Randy’s firearms training includes such notables as Hackathorn, Haught, Gonzales, Leatham, Spaulding, and others.  He has attended numerous law enforcement firearms training events put on by LAPD, LASD, FBI, San Diego PD, Houston PD, and more.  He is a court-certified Use of Force expert, providing expertise in defense of officers and departments in criminal and civil litigation.  He is a numerous Gunsite course graduate, is a rated Expert in Pistol, Carbine, and Tactical Shotgun, and has been an instructor and Rangemaster with that venerable institution since 2006.


Warrior Creed & USCCA Instructor

Officer Rylee Marble

Rylee Marble has been a Police Officer with the Ogden City Police Department since 2013.  Currently a Detective, Rylee has served as a Patrol Officer and a School Resource Officer.  Rylee is a member of the Ogden Metro SWAT team, currently as a long-rifle Marksman, and having served for multiple years as an entry team member.  Rylee has experienced several deadly force situations and has received commendations for his performance under these stressful events.  Rylee is also a member of the Department’s Firearms Training Unit, having been certified as a Firearms Instructor through a rigorous program.  Rylee is a multiple course graduate from the elite Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona, where he achieved Expert and Marksman 1 Ratings in all of his courses.  Besides Gunsite, Rylee has received extensive training and Instructor Development from Randy Watt of Warrior Creed, as well as attended training put on by such notables as Sheepdog Response and Baer Tactical.  A fitness devotee, Rylee has competed in The Tactical Games and multiple IDPA matches.  Rylee’s teaching capabilities and personality are exceptional, and he is a certified USCCA Official Instructor.

Bill Brandon

Warrior Creed & USCCA Instructor

Bill Brandon

Bill Brandon is a devoted firearms practitioner with extensive training behind him, including such training notables as Warrior Creed, where he has successfully attended every course available, and the renowned Larry Mudgett, attending Larry’s Pistol 1-5, Lowlight Pistol, and Gunfight Tactics. Other notables include John Farnam of Defense Training International,

Defensive Handgun Course and Advanced Defensive Handgun; Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Training, D3 Handgun Vehicle Darkness; Ron Avery of Tactical Performance Center, Handgun Boot Camp; Rob Pincus of Personal Defense Network, Combat Shooting Focus; James Yeager and Tactical Responses Fighting Pistol; Craig Douglas’ Shivworks, Extreme Close Quarters Combat; Dave Spaulding’s, Handgun Combatives, Kinetic Combat Pistol, and Adaptive Combat Pistol; Clint Smith’s Thunder Ranch, Home and Vehicle Defense; Steve Hendricks’ Custom Tactical Services, Pistol 3; John Murphy’s FPF Training, Street Encounter Skills & Tactics; Richard Nance’s WARTAC Close Quarters Pistol; and Gunsite’s 250 Handgun where Bill received the rare Expert Rating.  Given his background, experience, and high level of skill with his pistol, he was readily selected by Randy Watt for inclusion in the Warrior Creed Instructor Development program.  Bill is also an Official Instructor for the USCCA.


Warrior Creed & USCCA Instructor

Larry Lewis

Larry is just like you, an avid Second Amendment supporter and freedom advocate.  A successful entrepreneur, Larry has extensive business experience.  A number of years ago, Larry began to seek defensive firearms training and developed significant skill and experience through a wide variety of sources, which include Gunsite Academy, Deliberate Dynamics, Course of Action, the Tactical Performance Center, Custom Tactical Services, GunWerks, Leatham, Vickers, Spear Tactical, Triple Creek, and Ready Man.  Larry also attended just about every Warrior Creed course available to him, and, as a result, was selected by Randy Watt to enter Warrior Creed’s Instructor Development Program.  Larry has successfully coached numerous people in firearm skills, and is also certified by the USCCA as an Official Instructor.

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Warrior Creed & USCCA Instructor

Will Cragun

Deputy Will Cragun is a 35-year veteran of law enforcement, having served for two major agencies.  He is the lead firearms trainer for his current Sheriff’s Office and he also develops and directs the firearms training for several agencies.  A current Peace Officer’s Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Instructor, Will instructs the training of new recruits and in-service programs.  Will is a former SWAT Team member with 22 years of service and over a thousand high-risk events handled as a Squad Member, Squad Leader, Operations Sergeant, and Team Commander.  Will is also P.O.S.T.-certified in numerous other non-deadly force training curriculums relating to the use of force.  Will’s training in firearms includes national level trainers, like Pechtel, Hackathorn, Gonzales, Baer Solutions, CTI, and others, as well as numerous well-known law enforcement trainers from LAPD, LASD, London Met, NTOA, and IACP.  Will is a graduate of Gunsite, earning the M-1 rating in Defensive Pistol.  He is also a qualified Glock Handgun Instructor and Advanced Armorer, and is also a Colt AR-15 Armorer.  Will is a certified Official Instructor for the USCCA.

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